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Since being established in 2017, TIARA (PT. Teknologi Informasi Indonesia Raya) has been keeping up the efforts to fulfill our initial mission. Our mission is to provide superior and management consulting and technology services that would add an immense amount of value to your company. The services that we provide use the latest and most advanced technology, that are supported by consultants who are the best at what they do, in an environment of utmost fairness and honesty for the good of all involved - from our clients, employees, vendors and society at large.

We are going to be able to provide comprehensive end-to-end enterprise technology solutions that range across multiple platforms and devices, which include digital entertainment, technology solutions, consultations, design, development and support.

Voice API

Even with today’s various modes of communication through varying platforms and mediums, businesses can still highly benefit from using a Voice API. A voice API is a tool for software developers to make and receive phone calls with a simple, easy to understand API. A voice API bridges the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and applications connected to the internet. By using a voice API, software developers can program voice calling into their applications without specialized and specified knowledge and hardware about telecommunications.

To put it simply, the Voice API allows software developers to easily create voice applications, in the same easy and familiar way they can already build websites and mobile apps. It comprises both the technical framework needed to give developers control over what happens in the phone call, as well as the power to actually connect call participants anywhere in the world while diminishing the complexities of doing so.

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